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Erotic Monkey and Slixa Escort Advertising Site Still Up As Others Shut Down

The new Fosta Bill?(the Fight Online Sex Trafficking Act) has had a huge impact on the sex worker industry in the United States since going into effect in April, 2018. Most of the main sites that promote prostitution like Backpage, City Vibe, My Red Book, and Humaniplex have either been shut down or had their classified listings shut down. The Erotic Review, and international site where John’s rate and write about their experience with an escort, has shut down all activity within the United States.

The Fosta Bill was designed to prevent websites from facilitating sex trafficking.??The new bill holds website owners legally liable for criminal prosecution for any material promoting prostitution on their platform.?It gives the state attorneys general the power to bring a civil action against websites promoting prostitution.

When FOSTA first took effect, sex workers were expressing concern about their safety since these sites screened Johns. The higher end escorts would ask Johns for personal information and references from other sex workers they’ve seen in the past.? It provided a sense of security for them and made it less likely to get arrested.

The lower end prostitutes that are mainly drug addicts and controlled by pimps were in fear that they’d have to hit the streets because they can no longer advertise online.? The streets are way more dangerous and it is more likely that they can get arrested.

Escorts and Johns have been finding their way around FOSTA. New sites have been popping up that are almost replicas of the major sites that were shut down by the bill.

Some of these sites have been up for a while and others are new. It seems that FOSTA is having trouble enforcing this bill and that “the world’s oldest profession” will not disavow their presence on the internet. Here is a list of escort websites as of 6/3/2018 that are promoting escort and erotic services.



Escort Ads


Erotic Monkey

Adult Search

Girl Directory

Live Escort Reviews




One Back Page

Skip The Games

We have to make sure any and all websites promoting prostitution get shut down. If someone wants to do sex work they should go to certain parts of Nevada where prostitution is legal and where it is done in a safe environment that is regulated by the state which conducts regular tests for sexually transmitted diseases and makes condoms mandatory.

Getting hookers can turn into a dark sadistic addiction. It’s like drug addiction. You obsess over it, spend your money on it, it’s dangerous, makes you feel dirty, and it deters you from having a meaningful relationship. There are many books available that can help with sex addiction.

Breaking the cycle

Sex Addiction 101

Sex Addicts Anonymous

Sober Coaching

Report Human Trafficking


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