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P411 Escort Advertising Site Is Set To Terminate Ads in Jan 2019

P411 otherwise known as Preferred411 in Jan 2019 will no longer be a place where Johns can look for escorts and book appointments. Another win for FOSTA as the smaller escort advertising sites are starting to feel the heat and shutting down. Other major sites like Slixa and EroticMonkey are still up and new websites are still popping up regardless of the consequences.

Preferred 411 isn’t going to completely shut down. They are still going to help providers as a tool to screen Johns so they feel safe. The faster all of these sites get shut down the better. I hate seeing people in the dark sadistic world of sex addiction and the women that exploit themselves to do this type of work. If sex workers are so concerned about their safety maybe this is a wake up call to stop doing this and take a new direction in life. I’m sure it can be very difficult at first financially but what seems to be a very difficult situation can actually turn out to be a good one.

Application Requirements taken from the P411 website on how to set up and account.

Application Requirements
In order to set up your Preferred411 account you must have at least two recent references from active P411 providers and have a good reputation in the community. An escort can only give you a reference if she has had a private session with you, remembers the meeting clearly, and feels you were “ok”.
If you are guy and you are actually going around getting references so other prostitutes you seriously need to take a look in the mirror and think to yourself “What the fuck am I doing?”
Contact Sex Addicts Anonymous if you feel you have a problem. Sober coaching is also available.